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Crochet Summer Top Free Pattern Tavira Tee

Are you new to crochet and looking for an easy crochet summer top free pattern to try as your first attempt at a garment? Then you've found the right place!

The Tavira Tee is a simple to crochet summer tunic style top with no shaping so it's really easy to create your first garment that you know will fit you.

As long as you can double crochet and chain then you'll be able to create your own summer wardrobe.

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Crochet Summer Top Pattern

I love this tee as it's so versatile.

It rarely gets really warm here in the North West of England so although it has a light, airy finish (read a bit breezy on cooler days!)

I added a half sleeve just to add a bit of warmth and to protect those shoulders from the sun – plus there are a lot of us out there who aren’t too happy with upper arms!

In the colder months (of which there are generally around nine here in NW England!) it works really well with a polo neck underneath too.

Written for all sizes from XS (28inch chest) through to 5x (62inch chest). It really is super easy to create, with two identical pieces that are sewn together at the shoulders and sides – that’s it!

Are you more of a visual learner?

There's a Youtube version of the stitches you'll need!

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Sizing For The Tavira Tee Crochet Summer Top

This sweater is available in sizes XS (28 inch chest) through to 5XL (60-62 inch chest).

Shoulder to waist is approximately 21 inches (55cm), ease around the bust is approximately 3-4 inches

Instructions are given for the smallest size (XS/S). Minor changes for larger sizes are given in brackets:

  • Size XS/S (28-34"chest)
  • Size M (36-42" chest)
  • Size L/XL/2XL (44-50" chest)
  • Size 3XL/4XL/5XL (52-62" chest)

What Is The Best Yarn For Summer Crochet Tops?

(Some of my posts contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links it won't cost you a penny more but I get a small commission. For example as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases that you make if you click one of my links)

DK Weight yarn - I love cotton yarns for summer crochet as they're light and cool, if you can find one that has bamboo, linen or even a touch of silk for some luxury them this will really help the yarn to flow better through your fingers and give a much softer drape to the finished piece.

DK or fingering weight yarns mean that your top will be light enough to wear on the warmest days, because why would we want to save all of our knits for Winter?

I used King Cole Bamboo Cotton which is beautifully soft and has a gorgeous drape. Available here at LOVECRAFTS or AMAZON (affiliate links).

It's a light DK (double knit) weight cotton and bamboo mix, which gives a lovely loose lace effect with a beautiful drape.

The addition of bamboo really helps to soften the yarn and adds such a lovely lustre to the finished fabric.

You will need approximately:

  • Size XS/S Approx 400g 920m/1006yds
  • Size M Approx 400g 920m/1006yds
  • Size L/XL/2XL 500g 1150m/1257yds
  • Size 3XL/4XL/5XL 700g 1610m/1760yds

5mm (size 9) hook via Amazon or Lovecrafts

Scissors these ones are a really pretty addition to your crafting essentials bag.

Tapestry needle for weaving in ends. This set is really useful for all of your craft projects and the storage tube ensures they don't get lost!

If you’re looking for ideas or new tools then check out some of my favourite in my Amazon shop

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Which Stitches Do I Use For My Tavira Tee Summer Crochet Top?

This is a really simple pattern repeat designed for beginners. As long as you can chain and double crochet you'll be flying through your first piece in an hour.

I wanted to create something with a simple repetitive stitch pattern so you can concentrate on how many stitches you have in each row rather than trying to keep count of complicated lace but it had to have something interesting so your friends will want to know if you'll make one for them too!

Once you've got the hang of making garments there are loads of other simple beginner patterns in the King And Eye shop and of course there'll always be more crochet tutorials on YouTube.

Do I Need A Gauge Swatch?​

Gauge is important to give you an idea of whether your project will be the size you want, especially important with clothing!

I usually recommend making a swatch that measures at least 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches using the stitch in the pattern the gauge is given for (see below).

Test your yarn against the gauge sizing below or see your yarn information label to check the typical gauge if you want to use an alternative.

Double Crochet = 16 stitches x 9 rows (10x10 cm)

If your swatch is smaller than this then swap to a larger needle, if you have a larger swatch then use a smaller size needle until the required gauge is reached.

I know it's a step we ALL want to ignore but checking your gauge is a really important habit to get into, as once you progress to more complicated projects it plays an important role in making sure your project is the right size.

Trust me when I say you DON'T want to spend hours creating something beautiful that will only fit your six year old next door neighbour!

Tavira Tee Free Crochet Summer Top Pattern

Before You Start


Ch – chain

ChSp – Chain Space

DC – Double Crochet (US terms)

SK1 – Skip 1 stitch/Chains

Slst - Slip Stitch

Pattern Notes:

The tee is worked in two pieces. Sleeves are created by adding chains to the tunic body so each piece is a T shape.

If you would like a longer or shorter body then rows can be added to or subtracted from the front and back sections before the sleeves are created.

All measurements given are unblocked.

Note that measurements are given as exact as possible. Your tension & technique might give variations in the result, but that’s what makes it unique!

Ch3 at the beginning of the row counts as a stitch

If you prefer a visual tutorial I have a Youtube video too.

How Do I Crochet My Simple Summer Top?


Chain 85 (89,99,105,113,119,129,135), turn your work.

Row1: DC into the third chain from the hook. DC into each remaining stitch

Row 2-4: Chain 3, this will be your first stitch, DC into first stitch then DC into each stitch across

Row 5: Chain 4, this counts as your first DC and a chain for your second stitch. Skip 1 stitch then DC into the third stitch, ch1, skip 1. Repeat *DC, ch1, sk1* until you reach the end of the row. (your last stitch should be a DC)

Row 6: Repeat row 5

Row 7: Ch 3 (this counts as your first stitch), YO then put your hook through the chain space you created in the row below and complete a DC. DC into next stitch. Repeat *DC into chain space, DC into stitch below* across.

Tavira Tee Easy Free Crochet Top Beginners

Your work should look something like this once you have completed row 7.

(the easy way to know where you are is that each odd number will be DC into a chain space and even numbers will be DC into stitch post).

Row 8-10: Ch3, DC into all stitches

Repeat rows 5-10 three more times until you have 5 blocks of pattern.

Repeat rows 5 & 6.

This time instead of chaining 3 for our DC we will ch 27 and turn work.

DC into the 3rd ch, then DC into every stitch along the chain, then work 1 DC into each stitch or chain space across the bodice (as row 7).

How To Crochet Summer Top Beginners Free PatternT

At the end of the row chain a further 27 and turn your work, DC into the 3rd stitch and every stitch across the chain. When you reach the bodice work 1DC into each stitch or chain space as you did in row 7.

Next two rows Ch3 then DC into every stitch.

Repeat rows 5-10 three more times (4 more times for sizes X large-5x) until you have 8 (9) blocks of pattern


Once you have blocked your finished pieces (because you didn’t think I was going to let you get away without blocking did you?)

Lay your front and back sections together with the right sides facing (this is a reversible stitch so there is no obvious right & wrong sides but one side may be neater!)

Lay your two pieces together and mark the neckline. I measured mine at 30cm but you may prefer a more slouchy off the shoulder number😊

Join at the shoulders using your preferred stitch (I use ladder stitch as it gives a nice flat seam)

Sew from base of tee up the sides under the arm and to the edge of the sleeve on each side.

Weave in all of your ends (don’t worry, you’re almost finished, there aren’t many).

Ta da, all done and ready to party!

Don’t forget to send me a photo at or tag me on Instagram @kingandeye

I can’t wait to see it!

Have fun, Claire

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