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Learning how to knit and crochet your own wardrobe gives you the freedom to show off your style in exactly the way you want.

Forget fast fashion!

Embrace the joy of creating something special with your own two hands.

King & Eye is your one-stop shop for learning to knit and crochet, with everything you need to get started. My easy-to-follow patterns, tutorials, many of which have been featured in the media are designed for beginners and seasoned stitchers alike.

I believe crafting should be enjoyable, not overwhelming. That's why my knit & crochet patterns and step-by-step tutorials are designed to be easy, simple, and modern so you can create them easily whether you're a beginner or have been doing this since you were tiny.

Browse my collection of modern, simple patterns, or dive into the step-by-step tutorials that make learning to knit and crochet a breeze.

We all love the cozy feeling of a hand-knitted scarf, or the simple joy of adding a handcrafted touch to your home.

So, where do you want to start?

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