In today's disposable fast fashion culture it can be difficult to find the high quality handcrafted products that you're searching for to create a look that's luxurious and just a little bit different for your home and your wardrobe. I'm hoping that these easy knit and crochet patterns can help change that....

Hi...... lovely to meet you, I'm Claire

Easy Knitting Pattern - Beginners Batwing Sweater - King & Eye

I live on the beautiful coast of North West England where I can see the mountains of Wales when I look left and the hills of Cumbria when I look right.

Making Knitting And Crochet Easy

My easy knit and crochet designs use traditional techniques with a modern minimalist twist that helps you avoid the excessive waste associated with other forms of fashion production.

By combining the traditional skills of knitting and crocheting with modern environmentally conscious yarns you can create an ageless style that is so popular in the Scandinavian countries that are my inspiration.

Easy Crochet Pattern - Chunky Oversized Crochet Bobble Scarf | Spots And Stripes Scarf - King & Eye

My work tells a story............of the material, the maker, and the buyer - I hope to help you create a story that can be preserved and passed down the generations.

We all love that calming, relaxing, and sensual feeling of cocooning ourselves in the softest woolen fabrics or refreshing our homes with simple classic design that can only be appreciated when the highest quality materials and skills are partnered together.