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Easy Double Crochet Granny Square

This is an easy take on the traditional basic granny square pattern. It is a circle to square design and as it uses double crochet stitches it works up quickly and is a great way for beginners to start your first blanket.
This crochet square was designed especially for the Charity Cozy Fall Makealong hosted by Knittingwithchopsticks.com and Noorsknits.com. You can see all of the other crochet designs in the blanket makealong here.

Did you know we also have a knit version of the blanket with completely new designs? You can see the knit version here.

If you want to make the blankets but don't have time to jump from place to place, or you just want to make them at your own pace you can get your hands on ALL the designs in one place here.

Crochet Square Blanket Pattern Free


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What Do I Need To Crochet Simple Traditional Granny Square?


The pattern notes will create a 8x8inch (20x20cm) square using the materials listed.

(Of course you could always super size up by using a bulkier yarn and a larger hook, which would mean you can create fewer sqaures - or a larger, cosier blanket!)

  • Worsted/Aran weight yarn in any material will work so you can try a cool cotton version for the Summer or go warm and woolly in the Winter.
  • 6.5mm (size K) crochet hook. 
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape


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Basic Granny Square Blanket

Do I Need a Gauge Swatch?


Gauge is important to give you an idea of whether your project will be the size you want, especially important with these squares as you could end up having trouble joining them if they are different sizes!

I usually recommend making a swatch that measures at least 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches using the stitch in the pattern the gauge is given for (see below).

Test your yarn and needles against the gauge sizing below or see your yarn information label to check the typical gauge if you want to use an alternative.

Double Crochet = 12 stitches x 6 rows (10x10 cm)

If your swatch is smaller than this then swap to a larger hook, if you have a larger swatch then use a smaller hook until the required gauge is reached.

Abreviations & Pattern Notes


Ch – chain

Ch sp – Chain space

DC – Double Crochet (US terms) (Treble Crochet in UK terms)

Sl st – Slip stitch

Sk – Skip a stitch

Pattern Notes:

  • The square is worked from the centre outwards but not turned so any size can be achieved by adding further rows
  • Ch3 at start of rows counts as first DC
  • All rows are fixed with a Slst before moving up to the next row
  • Mark the start of your row and move your marker as each row is completed to help with stitch counts and identifying the end of your row.
  • All measurements given are blocked.
  • Note that measurements are given as exact as possible. Your tension & technique might give variations in the result, but that’s what makes it unique!
  • If you are unsure of the stitches I have video tutorials on YouTube


How To Start Crocheting Your Basic Granny Square Pattern

How to start a basic crochet granny square

Chain 4. Slst your chains together to form a ring. Alternatively, you can create a magic ring.

Row 1 Chain 3 (counts as first DC), DC 11 times into the ring. Slst to the top of the chain 3. This will give you 12 stitches in a circle.

Row 2 Chain 3 (counts as first DC), work 1DC into the same stitch. Work 2DC into each stitch around. Join your circle with a slip stitch in the top of the chain 3. (24 stitches)

Double Crochet Granny Square Blanket

Row 3 Chain 3 (counts as DC), Ch1,Sk1, then work 1 DC,Ch1,Sk1. To turn your circle into a square we are going to create your first corner. Ch3 (counts as the first DC), work 2DC into the same stitch CH3, then work 3 more DC into the same stitch. This is your first corner completed.

Now we will create the first side of the square. Ch1,Sk1 then *DC,CH1,Sk1*. Repeat *to*. Create your second corner by working (3DC,Ch3,3DC) all into the next stitch.

Work the second side of your square by working Ch1,Sk1 then *DC, Ch1,Sk1* twice. Then create your third corner by working (3DC,Ch3.3DC) into the next stitch.

Your third side is worked the same way Ch1,Sk1,*DC,Ch1,Sk1* repeat *to*. Then work your final corner by stitching (3DC,Ch3,3DC) into the next stitch. To finish this row work Ch1,Sk1,DC, Ch1,Sk1 then join to the top of the Ch3 with a slip stitch.

Row 4-6 are repeats of row 3, so ch3 (acts as first DC), ch1,sk1, then continue with *DC,Ch1,Sk1* until you reach your corner chain space. Work (3DC,Ch3,3DC) into the corner chain space. Then continue along the next side of your square by working Ch1,Sk1 then *to* until you reach the corner and (3DC,Ch3,3DC) to form your corner.

To finish you will have 5 sets of DC,CH1,Sk1 from your last corner. Once you have created your fifth DC then finish the row as you did previously by working Ch1,Sk1 and join to the top of the Ch3 with a slip stitch

Basic Granny Square Blanket


Weave in your ends and block whichever way is best for the yarn you have used.

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