Free Easy To Crochet Scarf Pattern For Beginners - King & Eye

Free Easy To Crochet Scarf Pattern For Beginners

A simple, modern & easy to crochet scarf is the perfect first project for complete beginners as it allows you to master your stitch technique without worrying too much about width or gauge.

This step by step tutorial teaches you how to crochet your own chunky scarf even if you are a total beginner and the best bit about King&Eye patterns is that they are designed for beginners so they are quick and easy meaning you won't still be working on it next Winter!

This free mens, womens or transgender crochet scarf pattern uses double crochet and half double crochet to give a lacy but chunky ribbed design which suits all genders.

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Easy Crochet Pattern - Beginners Scarf - King & Eye

What Materials Do I Need To Crochet An Easy Scarf?

DK Yarn - I used King Cole Galaxy approx 310yds (285m)

US size K Hook (6.5mm) I recommend this one for beginners as it has an easy hold grip and a wide hook which slips easily so your yarn doesn't catch.

Scissors and a ​tapestry needle for weaving in ends.


How Wide & Long Is The Easy Crochet Scarf?

This incredibly soft and warm cowl is VERY long and VERY cosy!

It measures 45inches (115cm) long by 5inches (13cm) wide when doubled over and I designed it with a subtly ribbed pattern, which provides plenty of texture when twisted around your neck either two or three times.

Even better, the two shorter ends can be fastened with buttons for a cowl effect or left undone to create a long scarf depending on your mood and your outfit.

Easy Crochet Pattern - Beginners Scarf - King & Eye

Which Stitches Do I Use For My Easy To Crochet Scarf?

This pattern allows you to try out the basic stitches to create the texture in your pattern, these are:

  • chain stitch (abbreviated to Ch)
  • Half Double Crochet (abbreviated to HDC)
  • Double Crochet (Abbreviated to DC)
  • Slip Stitch (Abbreviated to Slst)

Just a note: some patterns refer to the stitches in UK or US terms - although the stitches use the same techniques they are (rather confusingly) named differently.

For example, a chain stitch & a slip stitch is the same in both terms but a single crochet in US terms is known as a double crochet in UK terms!!

ALWAYS check to see if your pattern uses UK or US terms to avoid getting frustrated and more importantly a project that just looks nothing like you had planned!!

This is a really handy chart to help you decipher stitches.

Easy Crochet Pattern - Beginners Scarf - King & Eye

Do I Need A Gauge Swatch?​

I have added a gauge measurement (a 10x10cm square that you work up to test your stitch size) for you to check that your scarf will be a similar size to the measurements above.

In this pattern gauge is not important, which means that if your 10x10cm swatch is bigger or smaller that doesn't really matter, but it may mean that you use more (or less) yarn.

I know it's a step we ALL want to ignore but checking your gauge is a really important habit to get into, as once you progress to more complicated projects it plays an important role in making sure your project is the right size.

Trust me when I say you DON'T want to spend hours creating something beautiful that will only fit your six year old next door neighbour!

Gauge: 6DC and 2 rows = 1x1 inch (2.5x2.5cm).

Easy Crochet Pattern - Beginners Scarf - King & Eye

How Do I Crochet A Quick And Easy Scarf?

Row 1: Chain 253, DC into 3rd chain then DC across. Ch 3 turn work (250 st)

Row 2: HDC across. Chain 2, turn work (250 st)

Row 3-12: Repeat R1-2 until work is approx. 5 inches (12.5 cm) or wider if you prefer, just make sure you work the number of rows in multiples of 6 to maintain the pattern

Adding Buttons and Loops As Optional Finishing: Attach yarn at one short end of the scarf by inserting the hook and pulling up a loop then Ch1.​
I would recommend leaving a long tail here to provide strength when it is woven in.

Sl st 2 along the short end of the scarf, Ch 3, skip 3 stitches then sl st 3, this will create your button loop.

Repeat until you reach the edge of your scarf.

Attach buttons to the opposite end of your scarf to give you the option of wearing it as a cowl.

Weave in all ends and enjoy your scarf!

Don't forget to tag me on instagram (@kingandeye) I love to see what you've been up to!

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