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Two Colour Free Beginner Crochet Cowl Pattern

This free beginner crochet cowl pattern is ideal for those new to crochet who are worried about trying different stitches. It's so easy and is super fast to crochet in around an hour or two.

Texture is the name of the game, by using yarns of different weights you can add variation without adding to your stress levels as a new crocheter. Try mixing a bulky weight yarn and a lighter weight worsted yarn for great texture.

You can use any weight of yarn, so it makes a great stash busting crochet scarf pattern to keep in your ravelry or pinterest collection.

The simple design of this crochet scarf means it can be created in any number of colour combinations to match your whole wardrobe—and your partner's!

Why not make them for the whole family?

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What Materials Do I need For My Crochet Cowl?


(Yarn A) Bulky Weight Yarn (size5) - approx 200m
I used Stylecraft Special Aran

(Yarn B) Superbulky Weight Yarn (size 6) - approx 80m
I used King Cole Value Super Chunky


12mm Crochet Hook


Do I Need a Gauge Swatch?


I have added a gauge measurement (a 10x10cm square that you work up to test your stitch size) for you to check that your scarf will be a similar size to the measurements above.

In this pattern gauge is not important, which means that if your 10x10cm swatch is bigger or smaller that doesn't really matter, but it may mean that you use more (or less) yarn.

I know it's a step we ALL want to ignore but checking your gauge is a really important habit to get into, as once you progress to more complicated projects it plays an important role in making sure your project is the right size.

​Trust me when I say you DON'T want to spend hours creating something beautiful that will only fit your six year old next door neighbour!

Gauge: 6st x 7rows = 4 x 4 inches. (10x10cm) worked in half double crochet (US stitches)

Notes: Pattern is worked in the round (this means it is worked as a continuous loop so you don't have to worry about joining it together when you've finished and you want to get straight our of the door), a twist is added before the chain is joined to create the mobius effect.

CH2 at the beginning does not count as stitch

If you would like your scarf to be longer you can add extra chains to the foundation.

If you would like your scarf to be deeper you can add extra rows at any stage.

If you would like your scarf to be more (or less) colourful you can of course add colours at any stage or work it all in one shade



How To Create Your Beginners Crochet Cowl

Rnd 1: Using 2 strands of Yarn A (Size 5) held together ch40. Lay your chain in a circle on a flat surface and twist it once only, Sl st ends together. Mark the join with a stitch marker. (40)

Rnd 2: Ch2. HDC into the third chain, then work 1 HDC in each stitch around until you reach your place marker. Keep working in the round with this colour for 3 rows, move your stitch marker up as you work each row as it can be difficult to see where your first stitch is when working in the round. (40)

Rnd 3: Switch to Yarn B (size 6), using only a single strand this time, work 1 HDC in each stitch around for 4 rows (40). Remeber to move your place marker up at the end of each round.

Rnd 4: Switch back to two strands of Yarn A and work 1 HDC into each stitcharound for 3 rows (40). Sl st at stitch marker.

Tie off, weave in ends and show off your new found crochet skills!

.Don't forget to send me some pics or tag me on Instagram (@kingandeye) I love to see what you've created!

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I hope you have enjoyed this free and easy crochet scarf pattern, I love how flexible it is depending on the yarn sizes and the colours you choose, or even how many stitches you decide to start with!

Make sure you tag me on instagram (@kingandeye) or send me a photo at I love to see what everyone in the King & Eye community is creating!


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